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  • We worked with Lunna on a custom piece for our new home. It was THAT final touch for our living room. We spend a lot of time as a family in this space, and this is where we welcome and entertain our friends. Thus, we wanted a piece that made a statement, but that it wasn’t so overwhelming at the same time. Lunna’s work is peaceful and inviting.
    Working with her was such a pleasure, from beginning to end. She paid attention to details, comments, color palettes, etc… and kept us updated throughout the whole process.
    Lunna, tienes una vibra muy especial. Gracias por ser tan genuina y cercana en todo el proceso.

    Daniela VA
  • Nos encanta el trabajo de Luna. Es lo que necesitaba nuestro espacio para estar completo :)

    Ximena Cardós
  • Amo mi cuadro “un mago” me encanta tu estilo!!

  • Lunna, mil gracias por la obra, ¡nos encantó! Justo nos adentramos en Wabi Sabi y apareciste, ¡el universo nunca se equivoca! Apreciamos la abstracción, sencillez e imperfección de nuestra pintura, nos conecta a diario con nuestro presente y nos recuerda quienes somos. ¡Gracias por tanto!

    Gerardo Hernández A.
  • Absolutely love Lunna’s art. I am so in love with the colors and patterns in her work. I bought one piece and am eagerly waiting for her next release to buy more. It was a complete pleasure working with Lunna throughout the transaction and the painting came so well packaged. Highly highly recommend!


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